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NHL jerseys

NHL JerseysMany people who ask me if the new jersey for season are arranged. Clarification, most NHL jerseys do not change from year to year and remain the same. However, new jerseys were introduced, and, behold, some of the ones I can get (I also have the Ducks jersey with the big D on it, or the new jersey Tampa Bay as I put the pictures soon) . Prices remain the same. Note that I am now also provide jerseys of Canada (see images below), to dizzying price... 80$ - of postage for an embroidered shirt with the name of your choice!

MLB jerseys

MLB JerseysAll the jerseys are brand new, high quality and of course super. You can click on the tab for your favorite team, see the jerseys that are controllable (although this list is not exhaustive and only I can get almost all the jerseys! Easiest is to contact me). I also has a number of jerseys in stock (see tab "in stock"). It takes me about four weeks to get me a shirt that I do not have in stock.

NFL jerseys

NFL JerseysAll jerseys sold here are official, they are not copies came from Thailand or Hong Kong as may have found on ebay. The price of the shirts in the store is 65$ for the basic models and 99$ for the special series. If you look for a particular jersey, leave a comment, I can probably find it for you. You have dreams, it is now possible! I am now able to provide international jerseys. Printed jerseys. All teams in all sizes are arranged!!